Steel Leveling

Rolled steel stretcher leveling services eliminate bowing and warpage by applying a uniform tension to stretch the entire cross section of a material. It erases the memory of the steel by exceeding the yield strength and equalizes all the internal trapped stress. Material produced by this process stays flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching and subsequent shearing operations. Additional methods like welding and forming also benefit from rolled steel stretch leveling.

Stretcher leveling uses a series of Levelers to flatten and reduce crossbow (curvature) before it continues to the stretcher. At the stretcher, clamps grab 40 feet of material and apply 2 million pounds of force, uniformly stretching the material past its yield point. Stretcher leveling can remove all internal stress, eliminating the risk for post-cutting spring back, unlike temper passing.

We have the capability to perform stretcher leveling on hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel, hot rolled black, hot rolled pickled dry steel, cold rolled steel, and coated steel products like hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, galvannealed and galvalume.

The job of our cut-to-length / leveling lines is to convert coil into sheet. Our leveling technology has the ability to hold tight tolerances for squared cut-to-length material from our leveling lines. The corrective levelers provide excellent shape correction which allows us to consistently meet our customers’ quality specifications.

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